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Supply of Fuel

What We Offer

Wellhead Services Inc. offers Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD), crude, refined fuel and other petroleum products, such as Sulphur, Petcoke and Bitumen.

How We Operate

We strike joint ventures with select groups of suppliers (wholesalers, brokers, refiners, importers and fuel providers).

We travel extensively to the regions and negotiate fuel procurement opportunities for our clients and present these to them partners on regular basis, as a portfolio of opportunities.

What We Do

Our firm buys, and moves the products to the end buyers. We target customers in the region of Aruba, Curacao, Jamaica, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Grenada, Guyana, Surinam, Nevis, Barbados, St. Kitts, Dominica, Guadeloupe, Cayman Islands, Martinique, Anguilla, Antigua, Tortola, St. Lucia, Monsterrat, etc.

Our Approach

Wellhead Services Inc. is dedicated to significantly improving the process for our trading partners to bring to market our premium offerings. The quality of our products, price point, availability, terms and conditions of supply, credibility, and small-large quantity offerings make it attractive to the target market. This will guarantee a dominance of the Caribbean market. As our company grows we will pursue the opportunity to create, captivate and cultivate both current and new markets.

The Team

The Wellhead Services team of principals and advisors represents the ideal mix of multi-disciplinary professionals that has over 30 years of experience in the Caribbean Market and oil and gas industry.

The Customers

The specific customers in the Caribbean include major electricity generation (Power Plants), the vessel/fleet owners (tugs, barges, Crew boats, supply boats), Mining industry, Terminal (Storage) owners, gas/fuel station owners and resellers.


Wellhead Services focuses on the production, sourcing, processing, refinement, transport, storage, financing and supply of energy products. The key elements of our strategy include:

  • Continue to leverage geographic location:
    We intend to build upon our knowledge of the Caribbean Market base in terms of knowing the customers, users, brokers, resellers, and storage owners.
  • Use credibility and supply to grow the business
    We believe that having a track record, being able to deliver regular and routine, and at competitive market prices will earn a reputation that would allow customers to partner as a joint Investor so as to finance bigger purchases.
  • Focus on cost management and further enhancing logistical capabilities
    We intend to continue our focus on cost control and operational efficiencies at both the source and along the supply chain, to delivery point. We shall seek to source competitively priced physical commodities from reliable third party suppliers.
  • Place highest priority on employees, business etiquettes, and the environment
    We place the highest priority on our employees with safety and well being foremost. We will carry out operations in a fair, and transparent matter following proper protocols and maintaining integrity, and accountability at all stages. The operation will be managed using HSE practices to ensure no harm to the environment, and best-in-class practices.
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