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Joint Integrity Tracking System (JITS)

Asset Integrity for specifically dealing with Joint Integrity for In-service or New installation.

Our Joint Integrity Tracking System (JITS) is aimed as document management on each joint on the asset, for present information details, future planning and incident predicting, and for past history for “shared learnings”. It includes for P&IDS, Isometric Drawings, Joint ID specifications for each individual joint, certificates for the hardware on the joint, QA/QC for the all aspects of the installation process and preparation for a leak-free joint. It differs from other Joint Integrity programs, as it also includes for Bolt and Flange Inspection, which evaluates in-service/in situ joints which may have limited life due to corrosion, erosion, cracking, etc.

Outline for implementation:
  • P& IDS are obtained on the particular asset.
  • Isometric Drawings as well to support the P&IDS.
  • A site walk through including pictures.
  • P&IDS and ISOs are uploaded on the JITS .

How does it work?

The JITS software features a P&ID interface that allows P&ID drawing files in both Autodesk DWG and Adobe Acrobat PDF to be opened and navigated in order to select joints. The software will allocate and number joints automatically and relate to Flange Master register. Each unique number will be one-of-a-kind, and will not be reused/repeated.

The designated labeled/”unique Number” connections on the JITS appears “colour-coded” as per Flange tag illustrating real time status of scope both onshore & offshore at any one time. Example: Joints that are open, can appear in “RED”, and those that are blinded can appear “yellow”. Those that are completed appear “Green”.

Joints can be organized into projects and work packs to reflect the physical maintenance activities occurring on the asset. This means that over a number of years a joint may belong to multiple projects and work packs.

The software reflects this giving the users the ability to search and retrieve joints either within or across work packs. The search facilities within the software are powerful and flexible. Different parameters can be researched. For example: Visibility of all activities carried out by a specified competent technician(s), or for a particular type of stud fastener, or for a particular rating flange, flange size, etc.

It also allows visibility of high level detail to historical joint information.

At any stage, the software allows the recording of information relating to irregularity. This forces the user to enter comments which are then compiled into a concise report format can be configured in any way client wishes which best suits project. By flange rating , workpack , test pack , flange size , Work order, Nut size, Critical flanges, or those that “Pass”, etc.

Flange Inspection Passed/Failed

The software will not allow progress to be made when anomalies are identifies until solution confirmed. From these Anomalies trends are analyzed and gathered to action preventative measures. The JITS allows data to be imported from and exported to MS Excel.

It features a secure database and a security model that allows software features to be locked out, depending on user access level. The system will regularly (based on administrator-defined settings) prompt the user to take data back-ups and to indicate the type of back-up being taken.

Not only can we identify trends, but analyze them and agree/implement preventative measures relating to our shared 100% safe and Leak free objective.

The system can be stored on site, or offsite, or at our site, and managed by ourselves.

The JITS software allows for the input of the certificates of conformance for the hardware (eg: Mil Certs. for the studs, certs. for the gasket manufacturer, etc). All supporting certification on equipment as regards to the People resource (Competency Training, HSSE, etc.), Service provider (third party equipment) such as Tools (gages, pump, calibration, test, hoses, wrenches, calipers, camera, etc.) are captured. Certification that is expired or not approved will be highlighted. Approved Procedures for Joint Integrity will be logged and stored, as well as Delivery Notes, MOCs, etc.. All specifications on the flange, studs, nuts, gaskets, and conditions therein are captured and inputted into the JITS. Torque values cross referenced with the Gasket and stud specifications will be generated, and compared with the QA QC Checklist.

View JITS Software Overview (PDF) - Click Here
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